Bathing Belle Set

  • €9,50


A gorgeous bathing experience for all our bathing beauties out there!

Our set of one large soap and sachet of bath salts makes the perfect gift and the ultimate in bathing indulgence!

Fill up the bath with hot water and add a generous handful or two of our essential oil bath salts. Each infusion is loaded with minerals and green tea for the ultimate detox experience:

Choose from:

  • Lavender, for a soothing and relaxing soak 
  • Peppermint, for refreshing tired and aching muscles
  • Eucalyptus, for its decongestant properties

Next, while you're soaking in the dreamy aroma of essential oils, lather up with the rich, handmade soap. Made only from natural ingredients, choose from: Lavender, Peppermint, Argan Oil and Rosehip, Olive Oil, Walnut and Honey

What's better than one Sophie's Barn soap? Why, two of course! Our Bathing Beauty set comes with your choice of two large soaps and a sachet of bath salts. The hard part is deciding which one to lather up first.