Set of 4 large soaps

  • €20,00

A perfect set of four soaps of your choice, presented in completely recyclable packaging, delivered straight through the letterbox.


Choose from:

* The Classics, with instantly recognisable lavender and peppermint soaps, our renowned honey soap, and the glorious argan and rosehip seed soap

* Sophie’s Choice, for a random selection of 4 large soaps

* Bespoke Selection, your chosen choice of 4 large soaps  (please comment at checkout which soaps you would like, the options are Lavender, Peppermint, Honey, Argan & Rosehip, Olive Oil, and Walnut)

* Hard Working Hands, with 2 large honey soaps to soften and hydrate and 2 large exfoliating walnut soaps to get all that ingrained dirt out. Perfect for gardeners! 


An easy gift that’s sure to please. Message included free of charge :)