Pû Plû - Handmade Essential Oil Toilet Spray

  • €9,90

Introducing Pû Plû, the all natural before-you-poop spray for your toilet.

At last! You can do your business and leave the room smelling fresher than ever. Our handmade essential oil toilet freshener smells divine and completely conceals any lavatory crimes!

Simply spray a few times before you go and Pû Plû will do its job by preventing bad odours from escaping. Containing nothing but natural essential oils, after using Pû Plû your toilet will smell more like a beautiful garden and less like the local water treatment centre!

Available in the following fragrances:

  • Caca sans fracas (no worry pooping) with calming lavender and earthy rosemary
  • Fraîcheur de chiottes (bog freshness'with its zingy notes of peppermint and eucalyptus

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