Rich and nourishing solid hair conditioner bar

  • €7,50

Argan oil, cocoa butter and ylang-ylang, solid hair conditioner bar
The perfect accompaniment to the Sophie’s Barn solid shampoo, this conditioning bar has everything you need to keep your hair super shiny and silky smooth without using any synthetic ingredients or chemical nasties.
As soon as you hold the conditioner in your hands you are hit with the wonderful scent of ylang-ylang. This powerful essential oil does wonders for stimulating hair growth and is known to help prevent thinning hair.
The conditioning properties of the bar come from the rich argan oil. Full of nutrients, the oil provides nourishment and shine without making the hair greasy while taming frizzy hair and split ends.
Shea butter also adds a healing touch by helping relieve itchy, flaky scalps and reducing greasiness.
The bar glides over wet hair easily meaning you only need a small amount to condition even the thickest of hair types. As it’s a solid bar, there’s no waste or spillage either.
The end result is stunning, healthy hair but even better, you’re helping reduce the amount of plastic waste.
Traditional conditioner is a liquid and therefore requires a disposable plastic bottle to contain it. There’s no packaging required for solid shampoo making it a fantastic eco-friendly and plastic-free option for your hair care routine..
It’s really important to take care of the nature that helps to create these amazing products and finding more eco-concious ways to package them is really important for Sophie’s Barn.
Another secret benefit is the solid conditioner makes travelling a breeze! Perfect for those that fly only with hand-luggage, its compact size can easily fit in the smallest of bags and since its liquid-free, there’s no requirement to dig it out during airport security checks.
Suitable for all hair-types, use with the solid shampoo bar to get the beautiful and glossy hair you deserve while being kind to the planet.

And here is the shampoo that goes with this fabulous conditioner: