Walnut soap, with walnuts and walnut oil for damaged skin

  • €6,00

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Walnuts and their oil are renowned not only for their flavour but also their health benefits. Did you know though, that walnuts are also amazing for skin?

Here in the Périgord region of France, it is very much walnut country and this led to the development of this fantastic walnut soap. Walnut oil is full of antioxidants, can help to combat fungal infections, and is one of the few effective natural reliefs for tricky conditions such as psoriasis. Walnut oil is also regarded as effective for hair loss and dandruff. What's not to love about this beautiful brain shaped ingredient?!

Of course, the walnut oil and walnuts used in Sophie's Barn soaps are all fresh and locally sourced which is particularly important for this amazing ingredient which has a short shelf life during which to impart its virtues.

This off white creamy soap has small amber flecks of walnuts and is totally unscented. A creamy but light lather, and a hydrating composition.

As with most of Sophie's Barn soaps, it works well as a hand soap, body bar and even for facial use. Although of course, do avoid getting it in your eyes!

Not suitable for people with known topical reactions to nuts or severe allergies.

Available in two standard sizes (body bar and hand soap) as well as custom shapes and sizes.