Honey and saffron soap for sensitive and damaged skin, gentle and moisturising

  • €6,00


This soap is probably Sophie's Barn proudest soaping achievement to date!

The combination of Sophie's secret recipe, enriched with cocoa butter and lots of very high quality locally produced honey makes for a truly luxurious skin washing experience. This soap also contains saffron, renowned as a luxury spice but also fantastic for brightening dull skin.

This soap is rich, with the softest and creamiest of lathers, a faint aroma of honey and a never ending list of benefits for the skin. Honey is naturally soothing, antibacterial and nature's very own miracle for the skin. It can be used directly on the skin but it is a little inconvenient and somewhat sticky so here at the Barn, we approve of the soap/honey delivery system for your skin!

A very gentle soap, with a creamy lather, rich and highly hydrating, this soap is suitable for the most sensitive of skins, whether young or mature.  It is suitable for use as a very gentle hand soap and is perfect for those who may wash their hands frequently. It's also fantastic as a moisturising body bar, and for the face, particularly for mature and drier skin types. This is Sophie's favourite face soap. Some eczema sufferers have reported surprising results after using this soap, and now swear by it!

This soap is not artificially coloured and gets its glorious golden tones from the saffron and honey included in the recipe. It is very gently naturally scented by the honey.

Available in two standard sizes (body bar and hand soap) as well as custom shapes and sizes.