Lavender soap, soothing and relaxing, gentle for sensitive skin

  • €6,00

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The gentlest lavender soap around according to Sophie, and just perfect for that relaxing bath or a de-stressing shower!

It is colour free, and fragranced only by pure essential lavender oil. This soap is made using my secret recipe, enriched with cocoa butter. It is topped with a few lavender buds (not too many though - no one wants a bath full of floaty bits clinging everywhere!) but the real treat is the essential oil that imparts all its relaxing properties to this soap. This soap has a light, creamy, hydrating lather with no greasy residue.

This soap is suitable for use on delicate skin, including eczema and other skin conditions, unless sufferers are known to be sensitive to lavender essential oil. If you're not sure whether this one is for you, order a smaller size and give it a try.

As with most of Sophie's Barn soaps, it works well as a hand soap, body bar and even for facial use. Although of course, do avoid getting it in your eyes!

Available in two standard sizes (body bar and hand soap) as well as custom shapes and sizes.