Pure and simple olive oil soap, traditional hand made soap for sensitive skin

  • €6,00

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The gentlest of all Sophie's soaps, this pure and simple olive oil soap is a real treat for the skin.

It is colour and fragrance free. Unlike many olive oil soaps, this particular recipe creates a soft creamy lather and leaves the skin hydrated without a greasy residue.

This is the soap that started Sophie's soap making journey all those years ago, and ignited her passion for natural skincare which actually delivers on its claims. This is the one Sophie chooses to wash her children with. Due to the very limited ingredient list, it is suitable for use on almost every delicate skin, including sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema, some of whom have reported a surprising improvement in their skin condition despite being unable to use soap in the past.

This soap is gentle, moisturising and cleansing, and it works well as a hand soap, body bar and even for facial use.

Available in two standard sizes (body bar and hand soap) as well as custom shapes and sizes.