Exfoliating Walnut Soap Bar for Damaged Skin

  • €6,00


A gentle exfoliating soap with walnuts and walnut oil for damaged skin 

This exfoliating, essential oil, handmade soap bar for damaged skin  is as nutty as we are! It's no secret that walnuts are a wonder-food and this soap harnesses the mighty power of the humble walnut in several ways.

Walnut oil is chock full of antioxidents which are fabulous for fighting fungal infections and tricky skin conditions such as psoriasis. Walnut oil has soothing properties and is known to reduce irritation and inflammation as well as healing dry skin. The exfoliating nature of the soap thoroughly cleanses the dirtiest of hands making it the perfect soap for keen gardeners.

Warning: As this soap contains pieces of walnut it is therefore not suitable for those who suffer from nut allergies.

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