Handmade Solid Shampoo Bar for all Hair Types

  • €7,50

Finally a shampoo that ticks ALL the boxes! There’s every reason to feel fantastic about yourself when you use this amazing solid shampoo bar. 

Oh oh oh, Sophie's hit the jackpot with this one! Not only is this a handmade, environmentally friendly, zero waste solid shampoo bar, it's also fast becoming the best-selling Sophie;s Barn product. In fact, they sell out almost as fast as we can make them.

Packaging-free, plastic-free and 100% natural ingredients that still manages to produce a rich lather. Our customers have rained down praise on this product so we know it's a total winner.

Each shampoo bar is enriched with coconut oil and coconut butter to moisturise the scalp and has an added "zing" of tea-tree essential oil. It's suitable for most hair types including those with sensitive scalps.

Don't forget to create the ultimate hair-washing combo with the Nourishing Conditioner Bar or save money and buy the shampoo and conditioner as a set .

Are you brand new to solid shampoo and worried about the so-called "transition period"  that you've heard people experience when making the switch? Read our blog article on why the "transition period" should never be experienced.