Plastic free, solid shampoo and conditioner bars set

  • €13,50

A luxurious hair care set containing our solid shampoo and conditioner bars.

First up, our coconut, cocoa butter and tea-tree oil, nourishing shampoo bar.
Finally a shampoo that ticks ALL the boxes!
There’s every reason to feel fantastic about yourself when you use this newest addition to the Sophie’s Barn product line.
Traditional shampoos use harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it unprotected and more prone to damage so Sophie’s Barn decided to create a shampoo that is not only easy to use but is also gentle and kind to the hair and scalp.
Made from 100% natural ingredients, the solid shampoo bar harnesses the amazing power of coconut oil to create a rich lather that cleanses the hair thoroughly while leaving it fully nourished. The zingy tea tree oil not only smells great, it also works its magic to help keep the scalp healthy and flake free. Combined with the moisturising richness of cocoa butter, this small but mighty shampoo bar has everything you need to have beautiful, clean hair without subjecting it to any nasties.

Follow the shampoo with our argan oil, cocoa butter and ylang-ylang, conditioner bar.
The perfect accompaniment to the Sophie’s Barn solid shampoo, this conditioning bar has everything you need to keep your hair super shiny and silky smooth without using any synthetic ingredients or chemical nasties.
As soon as you hold the conditioner in your hands you are hit with the wonderful scent of ylang-ylang. This powerful essential oil does wonders for stimulating hair growth and is known to help prevent thinning hair.
The conditioning properties of the bar come from the rich argan oil. Full of nutrients, the oil provides nourishment and shine without making the hair greasy while taming frizzy hair and split ends.
Shea butter also adds a healing touch by helping relieve itchy, flaky scalps and reducing greasiness.