Pû Plû, the all natural before you poop toilet spray

  • €9,90

All natural before-you-poop spray for the toilet.

Simply spray 3 or 4 squirts into the toilet bowl before you go, to prevent bad odours coming up.

This is the ultimate in smell prevention, using only natural essential oils for fragrance.

A fantastic gift for someone you love, a great way to tolerate house guests and definitive proof that YOU ARE A UNICORN, who farts glitter and poops rose petals.

Choose "caca sans fracas" ('no worry pooping') for a relaxed evacuation, gently fragranced with calming lavender and earthy rosemary.

Alternatively, if you'd like a more refreshing sensation, choose "fraîcheur de chiottes" ('bog freshness') with its zingy notes of peppermint and eucalyptus.

Completely hand blended in the Sophie's Barn workshop in Dordogne, south west France, and poured into a stylish brushed aluminium bottle, the perfect accessory for any latrine!

Your pooping will never be the same again. You may no longer die of toxic fume inhalation when you follow your partner in to the bathroom. You will no longer think something died inside your teenager. Your entire life won't change. But you'll look forward to sitting on the throne. Plus it makes a great tongue-in-cheek gift, for any stinky monkeys in your world!