Pure Olive Oil Soap Bar for Very Sensitive Skin

  • €6,00

The gentlest of all Sophie's soaps, this pure and simple olive oil soap is a real treat for the skin.

The soap that started it all! This olive oil, artisan handmade soap bar for very sensitive skin was created to sooth and help heal sore and cracked skin. The secret lies in the very limited ingredient list and the ultra-hydrating olive oil.

Colour-free, scent-free and safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins - including baby skin and those who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions, its not surprising that this olive oil soap bar has become the staple of many family bathrooms.

Also suitable for very sensitive skin is the best-selling Healing Honey Soap Bar. A rich honey colour and a dash of honey scent, this soap harnesses the healing power of its main ingredient.