Solid Household Cleaning Soap

  • €4,50

A powerful plastic free cleaner for happy home cleaning.

This solid household cleaning soap has been designed to clean really well, using safe, non-toxic ingredients. This soap is made using coconut and linseed oils, as well as some wood ash. Who’d have thought these three ingredients brought together could be so powerful?

This household cleaning soap bar doesn't contain any bleach, ammonia or other chemical nasties. From your washing up to your bathroom, stove-top to windows and mirrors, the super-duper soap can be used anywhere. 

Simply wet your soap and lather it up in a flannel or cloth. Rinse or wipe off as appropriate. Be sure to use cloths that haven’t been laundered with fabric conditioner (this ensures a streak-free finish). Do check for colourfastness by performing a sample test area first.

Please note that this soap is designed to be a tough cleaner and you may find it harsh and drying on your hands. We recommend you use gloves to protect your skin.