Balancing Solid Shampoo Bar

Balancing solid shampoo bar, conceived for greasy or oily hair. Handmade in France, environmentally friendly, zero waste and great hair from the first use.


A balancing zero waste solid shampoo bar

Specially conceived for hair that becomes oily quickly after washing. If you want your hair to stay clean and non-greasy for longer between washes, this balancing shampoo is for you.

Not only is this a handmade, environmentally friendly, zero waste solid shampoo bar, it’s also fast becoming the best-selling Sophie’s Barn product. In fact, they sell out almost as fast as we can make them.

Packaging-free, plastic-free and 100% natural ingredients that still manage to produce a rich lather and leave your hair clean and healthy. Our customers consistently give this product 5 star reviews and it’s a total winner.

As part of Sophie’s Barn amazing skin and hair care collection, this shampoo contains:

  • Cocoa butter, to nourish your scalp and each strand of hair
  • Tea tree essential oil, amazing for good scalp health
  • Pro vitamin B5, for strong and healthy hair
  • Eco silk which is totally natural, colourless and biodegradable. Ecosilk is manufactured primarily from Coconut and Sugar Beet giving you a perfect ready-made natural replacement for silicone.

How does this solid shampoo help the environment?

  • No waste packaging – each shampoo bar is equivalent to one standard bottle of shampoo. This means that every time you buy a solid shampoo bar, you are not buying a plastic bottle which will further pollute planet Earth. The minimal packing on Sophie’s Barn solid shampoo is completely recyclable and biodegradable, creating a truly zero waste product.
  • Contains no added water. Each bottle of liquid shampoo contains at least 65% water.  The manufacturing and packaging processes are also high in energy and water usage.
  • This shampoo keeps hair clean for longer, so you’ll wash your hair less. Less washing equals reduced water waste.
  • The ingredients that compose this shampoo are Eco conscious, with reduced carbon footprints.

Have you tried other solid shampoos and struggled with an adjustment period? Maybe you’re new to solid shampoo?

  • This shampoo is a real shampoo, with a balanced pH.
  • This shampoo is not a cold-process soap. Soap used as shampoo damages the hair follicle and the glycerin it contains weighs down the hair, often leaving it greasy, heavy and difficult to brush.
  • Click here to read Sophie’s article on the adjustment period for using solid shampoos and how to avoid it.

To get the best out of your solid shampoo bar:

  • Wet your hair and the shampoo bar
  • Apply the shampoo bar directly onto your hair and lather, ensuring you work the bar over the length of your hair and all over your scalp.
  • Put the shampoo bar down and work the lather into your hair, using your fingers for a gentle scalp massage, to stimulate circulation and encourage strong roots.
  • Rinse throughly with clean water
  • For best results, follow up with the right conditioner for your hair type. Discover our amazing zero waste hair conditioners here.
  • Ensure your shampoo bar is thoroughly dry between uses.

For better value and to further reduce your carbon footprint, order in bulk!

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