Exfoliating Walnut Soap for Gardeners 

Exfoliating gardener walnut soap with walnut oil and shell for a deep exfoliation, using local walnut ingredients. Unscented. Cold process artisan soap.


A gentle exfoliating soap with walnuts and walnut oil for damaged skin

This exfoliating handmade soap bar for damaged skin is the scrub of your life! It’s no secret that walnuts are a known superfood and this soap harnesses the mighty power of the humble walnut in several ways.

Walnut oil is full of antioxidants which are fabulous for fighting fungal infections and tricky skin conditions such as psoriasis. This amazing oil also has soothing properties and is known to reduce irritation and inflammation as well as healing for damaged skin.

This soap also contains walnuts and ground walnut shell. These ground up walnut shell particles are the perfect replacement for plastic microbeads which is great for the world’s oceans and great for dislodging stubborn dirt from your skin, perfect to get gardening hands clean and feet summer ready.

Use the bar of soap directly on your hands and feet, for a deep cleansing exfoliation, or work up a lather to apply to your face.

Please note that this soap is seriously exfoliating and is not for the faint of heart.

This soap contains no perfume and no essential oils, it is suitable for:

  • hard working hands
  • feet that deserve some easy TLC
  • greasy and oily skin types
  • scrubbing away those pesky butt pimples
  • anyone who enjoys a deep body scrub
It is NOT suitable for nut allergies, as it contains walnuts, walnut oil, and walnut shell.

As part of Sophie’s Barn natural skincare collection, this soap contains no nasties. It is made with:

  • the very best walnuts, walnut shells and walnut oil, locally sourced literally on the doorstep of the Sophie’s Barn laboratory, which is situated in the Dordogne region of France, famous for its walnut production.
  • coconut oil, used for its cleansing properties
  • cocoa butter, which makes a hard and long lasting bar of soap with moisturising properties
  • olive oil, which provides a gentle and cleansing lather
  • Eco certified palm oil (read Sophie’s article on the use of palm oil here) which makes for a well balanced and stable soap with no allergens
  • love. Sophie makes each and every individual bar of soap by hand, using traditional methods. She carefully selects high quality ingredients which minimise carbon footprints as much as possible and support local economies by paying a fair wage.

None of Sophie’s Barn products are tested on animals. This product is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Choose this walnut soap for the scrub of your life. (Seriously. This soap is equivalent to a professional Moroccan body scrub according to Sophie!)

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