Facial Cleansing Stone & Soap Set

Facial cleaning stone & soap set, amazingly clean & polished skin, unclogged pores, ever lasting zero waste face pebble & artisan soap to suit your skin.


Facial cleaning stone and soap set, for customised facial skin care

Welcome to skin care with a difference.

This highly tactile little clay pebble replaces face cloths, oil applicators and disposable cotton pads. It is hand made in France by a skilled artisan, using locally sourced clay.

This small but powerful stone is ideal for:

  • Removing make up
  • Applying creams and lotions
  • Stimulating circulation
  • Removing excess sebum
  • Unclogging pores

To use it, simply:

  • Apply your chosen cleanser directly onto the pebble, then massage the pebble on your face using small circular motions, then rinse off the product before patting skin dry.
  • Dip the pebble into your chosen face oil or lotion, then massage it over your face, using small circular motions. Pat away any excess product.

You can also use this pebble for:

  • Puffy eyes. Place two pebbles in the fridge for 20 minutes before applying over the eyes, for a cooling sensation that will encourage blood vessels to contract and reduce the appearance of swollen eyes and dark circles.
  • A gentle exfoliation of your dĂ©colletage.
  • Deep facial cleansing, teamed with your favourite soap or cleanser.
  • Cleaning facial skin with no products whatsoever, for sensitive skin types.
  • Acne prone or scarred skin, to boost circulation and encourage healthy skin regeneration.

This clay stone is long lasting, versatile, and eco conscious. Hand made in France, with love.

Team up this little stone with a fantastic soap and you can say goodbye to expensive and plastic packaged skin care. Use your soap as a face mask by lathering up a thick layer directly over your face, taking care to avoid the sensitive eye area. Then massage the soap deep into your skin with the clay pebble, using small circular motions.

The stone stimulates healthy skin regeneration whilst gently exfoliating away dead skin cells. The soap draws out any dirt blocked in your pores. The result? Amazingly clean skin, with a fresh glow.

Select a soap to suit your skin type:

  • Lavender essential oil handmade soap bar to wash away the worries of the day and reduce inflammation and scaring.
  • Honey soap, made with locally sourced honey, it has a very light natural caramel scent and is ultra-hydrating. Packed to the rafters with antioxidants, honey works hard to help heal, balance and strengthen skin, and reduce redness and inflammation. Honey also has antibacterial properties so it’s the perfect ingredient to use on sore or sensitive skin.
  • Peppermint essential oil handmade soap bar for oily skin. Peppermint is famous for refreshing the senses and giving skin a tingly wake-up call. There’s no better way to start your morning and for feeling fresh as a daisy! Perfect for greasy or acne prone skin types.
  • Argan and Rosehip seed soap, unscented luxury for sensitive or mature skin types. Enriched with rosehip seed oil and “liquid gold” argan oil, the hydrating properties of this handmade soap bar is what makes it so amazing for sensitive or mature skin types.
  • Olive oil soap, colour-free, scent-free and safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins – including baby skin and those who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions.

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