Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Luxury hair care set of solid shampoo & solid conditioner bars, for beautiful hair with natural ingredients and zero waste packaging, made in France.

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A luxurious hair care set with one solid shampoo & one solid conditioner bar.

Traditional shampoos use harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils leaving it unprotected and more prone to damage so Sophie’s Barn created a shampoo that is not only easy to use but is also gentle and kind to the hair and scalp, as well as the environment.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, the solid shampoo bar harnesses the amazing power of coconut oil to create a rich lather that cleanses the hair thoroughly whilst leaving it fully nourished.

The zingy tea tree oil not only smells great, it also works its magic to help keep the scalp healthy and flake free. Combined with the moisturising richness of cocoa butter, this small but mighty balancing shampoo bar has everything you need to have beautiful, clean hair which doesn’t become greasy.

Have you tried other solid shampoos and struggled with an adjustment period? Maybe you’re new to solid shampoo?

  • This shampoo is a real shampoo, with a balanced pH.
  • This shampoo is not a cold-process soap. Soap used as shampoo damages the hair follicle and the glycerin it contains weighs down the hair, often leaving it greasy, heavy and difficult to brush.
  • Click here to read Sophie’s article on the adjustment period for using solid shampoos and how to avoid it.

To get the best out of your solid shampoo bar:

  • Wet your hair and the shampoo bar
  • Apply the shampoo bar directly onto your hair and lather, ensuring you work the bar over the length of your hair and all over your scalp.
  • Put the shampoo bar down and work the lather into your hair, using your fingers for a gentle scalp massage, to stimulate circulation and encourage strong roots.
  • Rinse throughly with clean water
  • For best results, follow up with the right conditioner for your hair type. Discover our amazing zero waste hair conditioners here.
  • Ensure your shampoo bar is thoroughly dry between uses.

Follow the shampoo with your selection of a perfect conditioner to suit your hair type.

Choose Ylang-Ylang for:

  • “Big hair”
  • Dry hair
  • Curly hair
  • Split ends
  • Extra moisturising and conditioning

Choose Monoï for:

  • Fine hair
  • Greasy hair
  • Light conditioning and nourishment

The perfect accompaniment to Sophie’s Barn solid shampoo, these conditioning bars have everything you need to keep your hair super shiny and silky smooth without using any synthetic ingredients or chemical nasties, whatever your hair type.

As soon as you hold the conditioner in your hands you are hit with the wonderful fragrances. These conditioning bars keep your hair shiny, healthy, and easy to brush.

Not sure which you’ll fall in love with? Try both!

  • Select the set of 3 with one each of shampoo, ylang-ylang conditioner, and monoï conditioner.
  • Select the set of 4 with two shampoos, one ylang-ylang conditioner, and one monoï conditioner.