Sophie Edme

Sophie Edme

Choosing Your Packaging for Your Wedding Favours

Presentation is super important. Once you’ve chosen the scent and size of soap you would like for your wedding favours, it’s time to dress it up some more with the right packaging. 

Sophie’s Barn packaging is extremely customizable. I will work with you or your wedding planners to get the perfect look and feel. Show me a style board, name the wedding archetype, send over examples, or just tell me your ideas. However you want to communicate your needs, with a little input to work with, I will do the rest to make sure that your wedding favours get the love and attention to detail that will make them personal.

Meeting Your Wedding Favour Packaging Requirements

The more I know about your wedding theme, the better your wedding favours will look. When the soap, the packaging, and the wedding theme work together, the result can be stunning.

Visualise the difference between being served:

  1. a) miso soup, a burger, and Turkish delight, all on the same plate, versus 
  2. b) a thoughtful set menu in a classy restaurant where each course complements the next. 

I can pre-select various packaging options based on your likely schemes. If you’re not yet sure what theme or decoration you will choose, we can explore options together. No pressure. Just attention to detail and relaxed but careful consideration of the opportunities. 

I want to give you the chance to take enough time to make the decisions that will not only look right, but that feel right too. Sometimes you need to live with a choice for a while to know if it’s really working the way you want it to.

Meeting the Expectations of Your Guests

A number of factors will influence the expectations of your guests. I’m familiar with these and can help guide you to the right soaps and the best packaging to not only satisfy them but delight them.

Everything from the style of your invitation to your guests’ personal knowledge of your circumstances will affect how they think the day will be and what kind of favours they expect, if any. The demographic of your guests will also determine their expectations. They may be more or less traditional, for example, or they may be predominantly male or female.

Geography plays a part too. Here it’s worth remembering that your favours don’t all need to be the same. Those who have traveled from overseas, for example, may merit a more impressive welcome pack than those who have traveled across town (although traveling across London during a rush hour deserves its own kind of medal).

As well as having different favours for different people, you can assign different budgets without upsetting anyone. While there are no hard and fast rules, however, it’s good to have solid reasons for the differences. I can work with you to help make sure that everyone feels appreciated and loved. That includes you too. 

Sometimes, during wedding planning, my clients arrive feeling like they are taking steps to avoid a logistical nightmare. During the process of choosing wedding favours with Sophie’s Barn, however, they appreciate that they are actually taking steps toward making their wedding dreams come true.

With your wedding favours sorted, you’ll be closer than ever to the day of your dreams. Get in touch today to talk style and packaging. I’m here to help make your wedding day extra special.

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