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Choosing Your Wedding Favours with Sophie’s Barn

No-one is surprised that there are many decisions to make when planning a wedding. Fewer people have heard of decision fatigue, however, which is where you can only make a certain number of decisions before your brain wants to catch some Netflix and make everything else just stop. It’s not just procrastination. It’s a thing. And Sophie’s Barn can help you avoid it. 

I can help you get your wedding favours sorted and delivered before your brain seeks the refuge of its favourite TV show.

Why Give Handmade Soap as Wedding Favours?

Giving soap as a wedding favour is a great idea, because, unlike many other favours, it’s a gift that all your guests are likely to use. Young and old, male and female, we all use soap. And with Sophie’s Barn’s homemade products, you can be sure that these favours are kind to sensitive, dry, or mature skin. They look and smell great. They feel luxurious. And a lot of love and attention goes into every single slice. 

Want all the bases covered so you can tick the wedding favour box with a flourish and move on? Luxurious, handmade soap can be personalized and beautifully packaged, making it a wonderful favour for any wedding and its guests.

If you’re in overwhelm, if having to think about personalized wedding favours threatens to tip you over the edge, take a deep breath, get in touch, and let me set you up for success. Sophie’s Barn will meet you halfway and take the stress out of your shopping. 

How to Decide Which Wedding Favours Are Right For You?

Here are the factors that will help us decide what wedding favours will be great for your wedding.

  • Where the favour is given – if you intend to distribute favours by having them ready on people’s tables, it’s a good idea to go with personalization. This extra attention to detail will take a little longer to work out, but the result is extra special. We all like to be recognised as individuals and customization of your wedding favours will achieve this.

If you are happy to put favours outside the hall or by the guestbook for people to help themselves, customization need only go as far as making your soaps unique to your wedding and venue, not people.

The packaging of your favours will depend on the theme of your wedding and the environment in which they will be distributed. Note that your favours don’t need to be identical in color to your décor (when that goes wrong, it’s known as camouflage). A good designer will ensure that the favours are complementary to your theme and colours.

  • What other scents might interfere? – just as it’s good to match the way things look, it is wise to think about the way things smell. Sometimes, the first thing we notice about an environment is the way it smells. The way a person smells can really get our attention, right? – for good or ill. Some Sophie’s Barn soaps are unscented, but you can also choose from a range of scented ingredients  and take control of the way your wedding favours smells. Good quality soap appeals on several sensory levels and this can really enhance your gift. 

We can avoid competing smells and make sure that your favours are appropriate considering your guests, the venue, and the menu.

  • Adults and kids – There are kids at most weddings. Little girls often make the cutest bridesmaids. If your wedding is no exception, acknowledge these little ones with their own, fun, customized wedding favours. Show that you appreciate them coming and don’t let them feel left out. Sophie’s Barn handmade soaps are kind to kiddies – the business was founded on creating soap for children, creating splendid soaps for super-sensitive skin.
  • Men and women – everybody washes. Distribute your soaps universally, but consider dividing your favours into his and hers fragrances and sizes. 

In a traditional wedding, joining man and woman, it’s a perfect way to demonstrate an appreciation of our similarities and our differences.

  • Our regular soaps vs. a custom blended option – choosing from Sophie’s Barn’s existing range of soaps gives you plenty of choice while keeping things simple. If you’re nervous about that light at the end of the tunnel, or you’ve just seen what you want, this might be the option for you. 

If you’re willing to go the extra mile for the perfect, customized blend, however, going for the personalized, custom soap option can help your wedding stand out from the others. 

I work with essential oils, each with its own unique scent and properties, and I love to create the perfect blend for my clients and their wedding guests. If you have an idea what you might like, get in touch and we can discuss it. If you have no idea, I can guide you!

To make sure I get this right, I sometimes send samples through the post. I understand that you want to leave as few elements as possible to chance on the big day. I can get behind that. Just provide your address, and you’ll receive useful samples in the post so that you can make a decision, not just on what looks good on paper (or on screen) but what feels and smells right in person.

As well as being compact and pretty, soap is a tactile and sensual, engaging the senses, which is what makes handmade soap such wonderful wedding favours. Seeing it on the screen cannot compare to holding and smelling one in person. Even better, take your sample into the bath or shower. But try not to lose yourself in the bliss of the moment. You’re making a decision, remember? 

Whoever you are and however you want to delight your guests, Sophie’s Barn has just the thing, with thoughtful packaging for any wedding theme.

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