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Going Eco – Eco-Gites in France

Going Eco – Eco-Gites in France

I love living in France where people can get grants and incentives for installing solar at home and where people love a local market and support local produce, particularly in rural areas, such as Sophie’s Barn’s backyard, the Dordogne in the South West of France.

Homegrown vegetables are common and can save expensive and unnecessary trips to the shop. Trees are grown for firewood with increasing measures to achieve sustainability. Savvy and environmentally conscious business people are creating more eco-gites for environmentally conscious guests who get to feel more like they are working with nature and not against it. They can relax and be close to nature, not only physically, but mentally. 

What Makes an Eco-Gite?

An example of an eco-gite might be a repurposed, stone hay barn, in which the original materials are reused. In France, there’s a good chance that you will be able to reclaim materials locally. 

An eco gite will have great insulation, because this improves efficiency. An eco-gite is typically cool in summer and warm in winter, without the need for massive energy costs to achieve this. The gite will be equipped with eco-friendly materials and furnishings. Rural gites in particular can be stunning with used, traditional furniture.

Eco-gite owners buy new, too, but they do so with sustainability in mind. They will also aim to purchase supplies, materials, and equipment locally.

Ways to Go Eco

Going Eco is a path that can be walked one step at a time. An easy way for people to begin an eco-journey is to begin by using organic, natural products, such as eco-friendly cleaning products that are kind to skin and to the environment. Going eco typically involves less waste, better quality, and kinder use of materials.

Replacing incandescent bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and turning them off when they are not in use is a good move that is easy to make. Buy at least A-rated appliances to maximize efficiency.

Eco-gites often have one or more fruit trees and/or grow organic vegetables on site, which guests can consume. You may also consider keeping animals, such as chickens. Fresh eggs are delicious and you and your guests can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the conditions in which the animals are kept. 

From supplying handmade soap to installing solar panels, making your gite more eco-friendly is good for the environment, good for business, and good for the spirit. As people become more eco-conscious, your gite will be ever more popular and ever more necessary.

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