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Sophie Edme

How to Give Out Your Wedding Favours

There are typically two ways that people distribute wedding favours on their wedding day. They either put the favours on a table for guests to collect as they enter or exit the reception or they arrange them on the tables where their guests will be dining. 

Wedding Favours on Entrance or Exit

This may be a good option if your wedding is buffet style, i.e. with no assigned tables. If this is the case, consider providing a table with favours near the entrance or exit. Include an attractive note or sign thanking your guests for spending time with you and inviting them to please take a favour.

One of the advantages of this method is that there is less worry that people will misplace or forget their favours. They go from basket/table to hand to pocket/bag. Job done. It’s also far easier to distribute favours using this method. 

Wedding Favours Arranged on Individual Tables

If you go for setting out favours on guest tables, whether in their sitting positions or as a centrepiece, this can be very attractive and a good way to make people feel special. It takes more planning, time, and energy, but it can look really stunning. It’s a wedding, after all, so – if you can spare the calories – planning, time, and energy here can really make a difference. 

If you go this route, however, you have to accept that some people will leave them on the table. Some people will forget them. Don’t take it personally. Just gather them up (or get someone else to do it; you’ll be busy grinning). Later in the day, remaining favours can be offered to people who have forgotten theirs or those who want more than one; there will be plenty of eager recipients if you’re giving away beautifully crafted, handmade soap.

Leftover favours are a common occurrence at most weddings, but this can be minimized by choosing wedding favours that are actually useful (like handmade soap, for example!). Whatever your wedding favour delivery system, try to ensure that everyone who wants one gets one. Children might love their own personalized favours, and this is possible too. Get in touch to talk about what you need. 

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