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Sophie Edme

Listing a Gite on Airbnb – 7 Steps

You’ve got a view to die for. You’ve got a four-star rating. You’ve got Sophie’s Barn in every kitchen and bathroom. It can feel like it doesn’t mean anything, though, if you are not receiving reservations. You can offer your gite to Airbnb’s 150 million users, however, without breaking a sweat. 

Listing itself is free. Airbnb takes 3% when you receive a reservation. In return for this, it gives you access to a massive pool of customers. Fair deal, I say.

You don’t have to use Airbnb exclusively. When you get bookings outside of Airbnb, just log in and update your availability. 

Here’s how to get started listing a gite on Airbnb

  1. Sign up or log in. The basic info Airbnb wants is home type (tent, castle, gite), room type,  (private room, entire home/apartment), how many people it accommodates, and the city you are in.
  2. Click on “list your space.”
  3. Fill in the criteria.

Calendar – one time, always, or sometimes. Pricing – Airbnb will suggest a price and recommends starting low. Check out similar properties in your area. The Overview – this is the big sell; the online dating profile for your single property seeking guests with GSOH. Include your USP, major features, and suggest the atmosphere. It needs a title so include keywords or use one or more useful adjectives.

  1. Add photos – Show off. Some viewers only consider listings with photos. Include no more than ten, even though you can. The first 3 photos should entice users to click and read the post. It might be worth using a professional photographer. Extra quality can really make a difference.
  2. Amenities – including common features, extra rooms, safety measures. Don’t skip this. Include everything you offer so you don’t miss out on visitors seeking those very features. 
  3. The Listing – if you’re logged in, these details are normally pre-filled, remembered from when you signed up. Here’s your chance to change them.
  4. Location – use mapping to help your guests find you. It’s not much good having a great gite if no-one can find it, which is the point of this post.

You’re done. With your gite listed on Airbnb, you are now offering your gite to 150 million users. And, hopefully, you can get on with the business of adding value to your getaway, providing everything your guests need to feel extra special.

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