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Sophie Edme

New Solid Household Cleaning Soap.

I have been hard at work in the barn recently developing and testing a new product. And I’m rather pleased with the results, even if I say so myself. 

What have I been working on? Quite simply, a solid household cleaning soap. We are all so much more aware of the amount of single-use plastic we bring into our homes and many people are actively looking to reduce this where they can. This is where my new solid cleaning soap comes in. 

This solid household cleaning soap has been designed to clean really well, using all natural ingredients, nothing harmful or toxic, and minimising single use plastic. It is made using coconut and linseed oils, as well as some wood ash. Who’d have thought these three ingredients brought together could be so powerful 😉 

Because this product contains no bleach or ammonia or anything else that’s nasty and undesirable, this household cleaner can be used on pretty much anything and everything. You can do your washing up, clean your bathroom and all your surfaces including glass and mirrors. (Do check for colourfastness by performing a sample test in the area first.)

To use this soap, simply wet your soap and sponge or cloth, and lather it up. Rinse or wipe off as appropriate. Be sure to use cloths that haven’t been laundered with fabric conditioner (this ensures a streak-free finish).  

Please note that this soap is designed to be a tough cleaner and you may find it harsh and drying on your hands. I recommend you use gloves to protect you skin. 

The soap has been tested thoroughly by my team of Sophie’s Barn testers and I was thrilled by their comments. 

Here are a few of their thoughts. Why not try it for yourself?

“It worked better than the strongest cleaning sprays, quickly and easy to use, no nasty chemicals.”

“It lasts much longer although I use the sample every day. I also like the fragrance (no chemicals) and the fact that it is easy to use.”

“It doesn’t get soggy like some soaps, it lathers up well and a little goes a long way! It doesn’t dry your hands when using it, it’s super effective! I’ve used it to clean various things, like wash the dishes and clean the bathroom and I won’t be going back to any other bathroom cleaner crap ever again! I also like that I’m not inhaling noxious fumes from various other popular branded cleaning products. 

“I can use it for lots of different cleaning jobs, rather than having a cupboard full of cleaning products.”

“There is no doubt I would buy this soap because I’m very happy with the results in the kitchen, the bathroom, on windows and even on glass furniture and also on electrical appliances like the fridge, dishwasher, cooker hood, etc “

“I loved it, need it in my life! No plastic, no chemicals & highly effective!”

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