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Sophie Edme

Preparation of Sophie’s Barn Wedding Favours

One of the best things about using handmade soap as wedding favours is the level of personalization possible. The size, shape, scent, and texture of the soap are up to you. And there are so many ways to package your favours that we’re sure to come up with the ideal look and feel for your wedding. 

Personalization of your favours takes place at three levels: in the soap itself, on the labels, and on the packaging.

Personalization includes (but is not limited to):

Stamps – Your soap bars can be stamped with a variety of designs, making them extra special. It’s a little touch that nonetheless can have a big impact on your guests. They add to the tactile nature of the favour and they make it clear that both they and the recipient are extra special.

Names and messages – Including the recipient’s name is too often forgotten, but it’s often the first line in personalization. Eliminate any hint of “dear guest” on your wedding day. With personalized wedding favours, you can use the names of your guests on the labels to show them that you truly appreciate them. 

Have your own message included on beautifully crafted labels, giving these favours an even more personal touch. Whether you want the same message throughout or different messages for several groups is up to you. 

Need inspiration? We can help you come up with the message that shows appreciation to your guests and helps them treasure their fond memories of your big day. 

French Calligraphy – Imagine your chosen names and messages written in beautiful French calligraphy. Calligraphy takes time, care, and skill and Sophie’s Barn will take care of it. It’s the perfect way for you to say thank you to your guests.

Ribbons – With attractive ribbons, we can make any wedding favour even more attractive. A little goes a long way and the right style, length, and colour can help complement your theme and decoration.

Wedding Favours That Are Kind to Your Skin and The Environment

Like all Sophie’s Barn products, the materials used for your wedding are carefully considered and ethically sourced where possible. The paper used for the packaging, for example, is sourced with respect for the environment and you’ll feel that fact in your fingers when they arrive. The paper does not compromise quality, workers, nor the planet, which helps everyone feel good about your gift.

Various thicknesses are available depending on how you will be presenting the favours and the style of your wedding. We’ll start with your needs and work backwards until we have both the perfect wedding favours and the ideal way of presenting them.

Wedding Favours Handmade With Love and Laughter

Increasingly, people are concerned about the conditions in which their purchases were created. I care about that too. With Sophie’s Barn, I’ve ensured that you can cross that worry off your list. Your soap will not be made in a depressing factory, but in my lovely workshop.

When you look at your wedding favours, you are looking at hours of love and care. And several cups of tea. 

Don’t worry. They were also on the business end of some heavy-duty gloves and goggles. They will get you clean. But know that once the soap was made, it was then cut, shaped, and packaged with joy. A new batch of soap is thrilling every time. It’s extra special when it’s for a wedding or bridal shower.

To handle the capacity of multiple wedding orders without delay, a group of us get together to wrap. We’re great friends and I find that this adds community and kindness to the ingredients in your wedding favours. You might not be able to see it, but I like to think that you’ll feel the good vibes coming from each and every one. 

If you’ve chosen to go with scented soaps, that’s yet another level of pleasure for you and your guests. We have clients who keep one bar by the sink and slip spare ones between clothes or in linen closets to diffuse the fresh, natural, and subtle scent. 

I love creating wedding favours that you and your wedding guests will love. Now that you know more about the process, we can great straight to the heart of what you need for your wedding and your guests. Get in touch to learn more about how Sophie’s Barn can help make your special day even more poignant, with natural scents, attention to detail, and love.

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