Ten alternatives to plastic you can start using today

Plastic. It’s absolutely everywhere. From microplastics found in the water we drink to the great Pacific garbage patch – currently the size of Texas, there’s no doubt about it – we’re drowning in the stuff. Most plastic is single use and can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Even though there are efforts to […]

Walnuts – the wonder food

Living in the Dordogne has many advantages, one of which is the hugely bountiful harvest that awaits us when the leaves on the trees start to curl and turn brown. After a long, hot and dry summer where it feels like nothing but the lazy river moves, suddenly the rain arrives and the environment jump-starts […]

How to have an eco-friendly Halloween

At Sophie’s Barn we absolutely adore Halloween. It’s a great excuse to get dressed up in crazy outfits and get out and about in the community for trick and treating. Our resident black cat, Spook is also looking forward to his favourite time of year! The Dordogne valley is the ideal place to hold a […]

Eight fabulous uses for coconut oil

The thought of coconuts usually conjures up images of far-away tropical, palm fringed beaches. In recent times however, this bountiful fruit (yes, it is a fruit!) has exploded in popularity and is now used the world over for a myriad of reasons. Coconut is a delicious and healthy food that can be prepared in a […]

New Solid Household Cleaning Soap.

I have been hard at work in the barn recently developing and testing a new product. And I’m rather pleased with the results, even if I say so myself.  What have I been working on? Quite simply, a solid household cleaning soap. We are all so much more aware of the amount of single-use plastic […]

Financially Surviving Wedding Season as a Guest

We’ve recently run a series of blogs on Weddings. We’ve talked about how to have a beautiful wedding on a budget, wedding favour etiquette and of course, about the wonderful personalised wedding favour soaps that Sophie makes in the Barn.  Of course, although the weddings of family and friends are hard to miss, attending can […]

French Lavender in the Lot and Why We Love It

There are currently around 50 species of lavender flowing around the world. You’ll find it in Asia, China, India, The Mediterranean, Africa, and Europe. Farmers in the Lot, just a few kilometres down the road from Sophie’s Barn, are proud to keep alive the lavender farming traditions of the area. Most markets in the Lot […]

The Best Walnuts – in France and in Handmade Soap

The Best Walnuts Matter – in France and in Handmade Soap November is walnut season in France, but you’ll see them everywhere, all year round. For instance if you don’t see them in trees then you will see them stores and at markets. France is a leading walnut producer in Europe. In one year, the […]

Why to Love French Honey

Why to Love French Honey It’s not bee poop in a jar as anyone offering honey to their kids may hear it described. Honey, wax, and mead from bees have been a part of French history for over a thousand years. Beehives have been installed on the roof of the Opera Garnier and the Musee […]