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Why to Love French Honey

Why to Love French Honey

It’s not bee poop in a jar as anyone offering honey to their kids may hear it described. Honey, wax, and mead from bees have been a part of French history for over a thousand years. Beehives have been installed on the roof of the Opera Garnier and the Musee d’Orsay and many hobbyists try their hands at keeping bees too. The French have a high regard for bees and their honey and it’s not just for eating. It’s wonderful in Sophie’s Barn soap. 

Honey is the nectar – the sugary liquid -of flowering plants. It’s actually the bees’ food, which they store in hives for when they’re running low. The nectar is broken down into simple sugars while in the hive and then it’s stored in the honeycomb. 

If you’ve ever wondered why there are different colours and flavours of honey, it’s because these elements depend on what nectar the bees are collecting. Different flowers, different flavours.

Beekeepers pull honeycomb frames out of the hives, scrape off the wax cap that bees use to seal honey in each cell, and then they use a machine to spin the frames, which extracts the honey. They then strain the honey, sometimes heating it to make this easier.

The best French honey, as used by Sophie’s Barn, contains nothing but honey. There are no colourings, preservatives, or thickening agents added between the bee and the bottle. Produced under rigorous standards, you can trace French honey throughout its journey to markets, supermarket shelves, or your soap.

Why Put Honey in Soap?

Raw honey contains antioxidants that are considered to provide an immunity boost. Common uses that don’t involve spreading it on toast include washing, bathing, cleaning minor cuts and scrapes, and helping with acne. 

Antibacterial – being naturally antibacterial, people have thought to put honey on minor scrapes and minor burns. It’s a go-to product for people wanting to treat or prevent acne.

Anti-aging – being full of antioxidants, honey is thought to help reduce signs of aging skin.

Glow – honey has been used as a moisturizer. It is soothing and many say it helps give their skin a lively look and glow.

What do you get when you combine some of the world’s best honey with organic, natural, handmade soap? Smooth skin and a good reason to take a little time out to relax in the bath this week.

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