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Sophie Edme

Walnuts – the wonder food

Living in the Dordogne has many advantages, one of which is the hugely bountiful harvest that awaits us when the leaves on the trees start to curl and turn brown.

After a long, hot and dry summer where it feels like nothing but the lazy river moves, suddenly the rain arrives and the environment jump-starts itself back to life again.

Trees, plants and bushes start exploding with the most wonderful fruits, nuts and vegetables and the region. Fruit trees hang heavy and the birds have a field day. Autumnal vegetables such as squashes, pumpkins, onions and potatoes are suddenly ten to the penny and the trees start littering the ground with their precious seeds.

Perhaps the most precious seed of all – the walnut or ‚Äúnoix‚ÄĚ as it is called in French – is the pride and joy of the region. France is the world‚Äôs 7th largest producer of walnuts and most are grown and harvested in the Dordogne valley. 

Walnuts are delicious eaten raw but are as equally tasty when roasted or even turned into a liquor. Known for their nutritional value, each of these nuts is a perfect package of healthy deliciousness! Here you can find no less than four different varieties of walnut but most importantly, they all carry the same amazing health benefits. 

Here are the main reasons why walnuts are so wonderful:‚óŹ They‚Äôre rich in antioxidents – more so than any other nut‚óŹ Each 28gm serving contains 2.5gms of essential Omega3 fat‚óŹ According to a 2018 study, eating walnuts regularly helps increase the healthy, beneficial gut bacteria (Source: pubmed)‚óŹ Micronutrients called polyphenols found in walnuts can help fight digestive issues, inflammation, weight problems, diabetes, and neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases‚óŹ Walnuts can sooth dry skin, reduce irritation, inflammation and lessen the chance of suffering a breakout. (That‚Äôs why we use the power walnuts in one of our soaps)‚óŹ Their vitamin and mineral dense composition helps fight ageing‚óŹ The nutrients in walnuts contribute towards a better, faster functioning brain. Perhaps it‚Äôs not a coincidence that they‚Äôre shaped like tiny brains?‚óŹ Eating nuts regularly can improve the health of sperm and male fertility‚óŹ A regular intake of walnuts has consistently shown to reduce cholesterol‚óŹ They‚Äôre easy to eat and easy to add to food‚óŹ Did we mention that walnuts are delicious? We‚Äôre very lucky to be surrounded by such an abundance of this wonderful little nut. Fortunately, walnuts are widely available worldwide so we recommend stocking up for the winter and feasting on their tasty goodness daily! 

If you haven’t yet discovered the power of walnuts, what are you waiting for?

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