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Sophie Edme

The best tip for caring for very dry skin

So much hand washing going on that everyone’s poor hands are really suffering. 

Here’s a fantastic and super fast way to deeply hydrate and care for your dry hands, using one single store cupboard ingredient, which makes it super cheap and no additional waste or carbon footprint! The next time you wash your hands, rub in a drop or two of olive oil before you dry them. 

The best way of using oils and butters is on wet skin. Because oils and water repel each other, when you use oils and butters on wet skin, they glide on easily and trap moisture into your skin as they go. And because your skin is still wet, drying off with a towel after removes any excess greasy residue from your skin. This method also means you use a lot less of your oil or body butter. Which makes it extremely economical and eco-conscious. All the advantages of the oil for skincare method, without any of the disadvantages. 

You can use this method on any body part, not just your hands. I’m a great lover of all oils and butters in skincare and I use the wet skin method every time. It means I can have the softest skin, but I don’t need to feel tacky when I get dressed after a shower. I can be deeply moisturised, without using half a tub of whipped body butter every time.  I can use a night time facial oil without getting greasy hair by the time I wake up. 

Try it with some olive oil on your wet hands. Feel the difference! 

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