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Sophie Edme

The Discovery Call: Understanding the Client’s Dream Wedding

I like to talk to my clients so I can truly understand what is required and send the ideal wedding favours in perfect packaging. 

Weddings are best when everything is – or at least seems – seamless. Everything should look like it belongs – not only the happy couple. That means attention to detail. And that’s why a good discovery call is so important.

I love talking to clients via Skype if they have it, because that face-to-face contact really helps me get to the bottom of what will work for the wedding. I can get a lot of information from seeing the bride- or groom-to-be. Through this kind of connection, I can ensure that you get just what you need for your wedding. And you can be confident that I have understood your needs and desires.

Here are some things to take into account:

  • Your Guests – Your wedding guests will be using these soaps, so this is a great place to start thinking about the soaps for your wedding. 

Choosing and personalizing your soaps is about more than achieving the right look – although that’s important too. Your soaps are gifts that can give several weeks of pleasure, reinvigorating, soothing, and helping even dry and sensitive skin feel great. If you have older guests, don’t you think they would appreciate a gentle but luxurious-feeling soap that’s kind to mature skin? 

Like the best wedding favours, the right soap can make a great first impression and a strong, long-lasting impression. 

  • Theme – I can personalize your soaps so they are the perfect match for your wedding and decoration. Talk to me about your archetype or style board. Send me some links to Pinterest. Get your wedding planner to get in touch. Whatever works for you. Then we can set about customizing your soap so that they are perfect for your day.
  • Colour scheme – your choice of colour scheme will help determine not only the best soaps for you, but, more importantly in this case, the best packaging too. You can happily choose your ideal soaps and we’ll organize the right packaging so that they complement your colour scheme.
  • Venue – while Sophie’s Barn soaps look good anywhere, knowing a few things about the venue can help us think about the kinds of wedding favours and presentation options that would be the best fit. Knowing whether you will be indoors or outdoors, in a private venue or at home, and how they will be distributed, for example, can influence multiple decisions about your favours.
  • Service – The kind of service you will have may also be a factor in providing favours that are in keeping with the atmosphere you want to create. We can include words or messages from the service on your wedding favours to tie them into the theme, for example.
  • Food – the type of food available at your wedding and how your guests will eat, whether more or less formal, is also an important part of the mood of your wedding. It might influence your choice of soap. If your catering originates from a particular tradition or country, for example, we might just have the soap ingredients to complement your theme. The only problem might be that your caterers will have to step up their game because the wedding favours look good enough to eat. 

These are just some of the things I ask about to dig deep into your vision for the wedding. I want to know what values are most important to you and I’ve found that I can get to the bottom of that pretty quickly. I’ve found that a little connection can go a long way to making exceptional, personalized wedding favours that match your vision. 

Let me know when is the best time for us to Skype so we can take your wedding preparations to the next level. Contact me at any time to let me know about your plans and I’ll get right back to you.

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