Sophie Edme

Sophie Edme

The easiest way to see how soap works

This is the easiest way to really understand how soap works and why it’s so important to use soap.

Doing this super quick experiment with your child will help them to understand the relation between soap and repelling dirt of all descriptions.

 Get a bowl of water, sprinkle the surface with pepper, or another dried herbs or spice that’ll be very visible to your child.

Ask your child to touch the surface of the water with their finger, and then to examine what is on their finger.After wiping that off, get your child to lather a little soap on their hand, and with that soap on their skin (don’t rinse it off!), get them to touch the surface of the pepper water again. 

Ask them what they’ve observed. Ask them to check what’s on their finger now. And hey presto, even young kids are able to understand how soap works in a really visual way! 

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