Sophie Edme

Sophie Edme

Visiting French Markets for the Best Quality Around

I love French markets because they resonate with the history of the French. And, of course, you can get up close and personal with great quality, local produce. I also enjoy the experience of shopping outdoors. You get out of supermarkets and actually see some of the people who grow and raise your food.

All areas have a local market town. There are thousands across France. And this is no passing trend – markets in France may have been in the same location week after week for hundreds of years. If you want to experience some true French culture, visiting one or more markets is a must. 

Get fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, and fish. Expect all kinds of oil-cured and herbed olives. Expect high quality throughout. You won’t be disappointed. 

People just trying markets for the first time will notice that items on offer look a bit different to how they do in the supermarket. They might be a different colour, shade, shape, or texture. For first-timers, the thing to know is that this is what food looks like without cookie-cutter selection processes so that everything looks the same. You’ll then notice that the food tastes different. Better. And you’ll be sold, just as I was. 

If you’re an old hand at markets, then a French market is pretty much going to tick multiple boxes for you. You’ll go home with some great quality produce that’s healthy for you and your family and doesn’t make you wince for the environment.

For those running restaurant businesses in France, using local produce is always something worth shouting about. People are increasingly aware of the quality of local goods and it’s great to support a community so that it can continue producing.

I love shopping at a traditional French market. I have a keen eye for the best supplies for my kitchen and my business.

It’s better to have a little bit of something high quality than a lot of something poorly made. With Sophie’s Barn, you get to have the best of both. My soaps and other products are packed with high quality ingredients at prices that will keep you smiling at the checkout.

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