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Winter Skin Care Tips for Infants and Babies

All your winter skin care concerns go at least double if you have an infant or baby. Wet, wintry weather is not much fun without the right preparation. Here are 5 tips to help weatherproof you and your little one during cold, wet weather.

Protect against the elements.

Consider a cover for your stroller. This will mean you still get in those daily walks, but your baby won’t be exposed to the wind and cold.

Ensure that you cover her head and hands, especially if you will be out with her for prolonged periods.

There’s not much cuter than a baby all bundled up, complete with hat, and hood. If most people think that your baby is just a pair of eyes and a nose poking out from a bundle of material, however, you could be overdoing it.

As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended to give babies one layer of clothing more than an adult would wear in this weather. 

You can’t ask your baby if he or she is too hot, so reach in and feel for yourself. It’s ok if hands and feet are a little cool, but the body should be toasty. If he or she seems too hot, remove a layer and observe. Remember people with hypothermia sometimes look very red and may start removing layers of clothing. The same is true for babies.

Watch out for heat rashes. You might think that they only occur during warm weather, but with all the layers that accompany colder weather, your baby could develop a rash from overheating.


Since central heating in the home sucks out moisture, it’s a good idea to replenish it. You can do so effectively with a humidifier. This device will help return some of that moisture to the house and to your baby’s skin. Install a humidifier in the room where your baby sleeps at night.

Keep Baths Moderately Warm.

Bathing your infant or baby will help him wind down ready for sleep. If this is already part of your nighttime routine, don’t stop, but don’t be tempted to use significantly warmer water – keep it lukewarm. Using significantly warmer water may lead to skin dryness.

Keep bath times short, because extended exposure to water can strip moisture from skin.


In winter, it’s cold air, wind, and central heating vs. your baby’s skin. To preserve your child’s natural moisture, pat him dry after bath time, then, use a moisturizer. Make this a part of your child’s after bath routine (and yours).

If you notice dry skin, this is a sign that he may benefit from using a hydrating ointment instead of a cream, because ointments tend to be more effective at preventing water loss from the skin. For best results and application, apply the ointment while the skin is still damp.

Don’t let winter get you or your loved ones down. Follow these 5 tips to help keep your infant or baby’s skin protected throughout the colder months.

Right! I’m off to search out woolly scarves!

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