5 truly essential oils

Essential oils are little wonders of nature, and sometimes real life savers. As part of best-known natural remedies, they are available in various places (pharmacies, online, health shops, cosmetic retailers, etc.) without a prescription.

The best tip for caring for very dry skin

So much hand washing going on that everyone’s poor hands are really suffering.
Here’s a fantastic and super fast way to deeply hydrate and care for your dry hands, using one single store cupboard ingredient.

How to have a plastic-free Christmas

It’s official, Halloween is well and truly over, the shops have long ditched the mountains of spooky paraphernalia are now going into overdrive with their Christmas offerings. Rows upon rows upon rows of glittering, sparkling ornaments, lights, decorations, fake trees, festive food, and gifts are stuffed onto shelves and piled up on the floor.  The […]

Ten alternatives to plastic you can start using today

Plastic. It’s absolutely everywhere. From microplastics found in the water we drink to the great Pacific garbage patch – currently the size of Texas, there’s no doubt about it – we’re drowning in the stuff. Most plastic is single use and can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Even though there are efforts to […]